kc The drudgeries of life: Summer's almost gone! The drudgeries of life: Summer's almost gone!

The drudgeries of life

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Summer's almost gone!

One of the speediest and most fun-filled summers ever!
Didn't have to beat the heat this time round... no need. There was never a cool-er summer!
Lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer of 2011 :)
Seems like the pre-monsoons have arrived here... a few more days and it'll be pouring. 
The bike couldn't be reaching me at a better time! Miles to go...
That whirlwind trip to Indore was awesome... had to be there. Just had to.
Sad about having to skip the Udaipur trip, but can't have my way always. Sorry Jassu :(
Someone's arrival has ensured some much needed stability in life, not to mention eager anticipation for what's up next. After all, it's about 2 strangers exploring a strange new city! Bring it on.
Back to square one in all aspects of life. Blimey it's legend... wait for it... dary ;)
Back on the grid too, after a long hiatus. Feeling ham-fisted while operating the lappie and accessing the net. Ouch.

There's a thin line separating weekdays and weekends, and that's just what the doctor ordered. 
Last week was all about POTC4, Pyaar ka punchnama... (warning: the latter is a guys only movie... do not take a gal along, trust me... enjoy it with the gang :p).
This week's agenda is Kung Fu Panda and, probably Ragini MMS... the said horror flick might actually turn out to be creepy, spine-chilling though. You never know. Ahem.
Lots to look forward to. 
In the meanwhile, getting SAPped to the core!!

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