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The drudgeries of life

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Of lazy weekends

If I had thought that the weekend was not off to a lazy start for once, the remainder of the four rather relaxed days put all my earlier doubts to rest!
Nothing like relaxing under the warm sun like the good old days on the lawns in the nearby botanical garden, catching up with some reading, indulging in some photography, walking around a bit (not to mention, doing some tight-rope walking too in the name of adventure sports!), attending a friend's marriage (sighs! One more eligible bachelor bites the dust! :p), sleeping like logs, devouring some yummy delicacies (be it at The Spice Village, Paradise, Cream Stone, or Punjabi Rasoi, you name it and we were there!), watching an awesome Australian Open Men's Singles Final (a tad bit disappointed that Rafa lost by a whisker :( ), and last but not the least, but surely at the last moment, trying to make the most of the mega sale that ended tonight! How's that for action?!
Oh well! It did start off with a bang early on Thursday in beautiful Gandipet! The run up, literally, to the Auroville Full Marathon sure seems to be on track with a sub-hour 10 kms run at the wonderfully organized Hyderabad Runners Club Run 2012... need to stick it out on the 42 kms long forest trail for over 5 hours at least when I revisit beautiful Pondicherry err Puducherry next month! Mind over body, as always it's going to be... 

In other news, I'm not down with the writers' block... just don't feel like writing much with so much to do. Plus my loved ones seem to be doing a wonderful job in the penning down department. Keep up the flow of beautiful words and fantastic posts, D, M, S and A :)
Hence, that's it for now! 
An eventful and busy week is about to begin! 
Till next time, ciao... 

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