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Friday, July 29, 2011


Yesterday was a Thursday like no other!
After procrastinating it for a long time, I finally ended up watching HP7… yeah yeah! I know that I was probably amongst the last few Potter buffs to have watched it 
I was somewhat apprehensive about seeing it because this was the last of the lot. A fullstop of sorts. I felt like the kid who despite knowing that it’s going to end sooner or later, keeps licking his icecream cone slowly so as to make it last forever…
What’s funny is that this abstinence would’ve continued if not for a bunch of really cool folks who on the spur of the moment agreed to watch the movie bang in the middle of the week, some shirking lunch, others forgoing either work or parties (blimey! two of them watching it for the 2nd time!) 
What ensued was a faction of Dumbledore’s Army (DA) assembling for the first time at Prasad’s… four strangers, but all awkwardness, if any, seemed to vanish in a jiffy courtesy a Evansco spell!
And thereafter what a magical evening it turned out to be!

The movie did little justice to the books and the director took some creative liberty (I wonder how JKR gave it a go-ahead sign, and sang praises for it at the premiere), but still it wasn’t as bad as raving mad Potter fans had been swearing! 
For starters, the movie’s pace seemed to be superfast – as if the director had to get done with it in a jiffy and catch the Hogwarts Express! You’d be like, “Wow! The War of Hogwarts has already started?!?” 
Secondly, and most importantly, the movie lacked flow – akin to watching disjoint subjects on different slides of a power point presentation! One scene on one slide, then next. And voila! The last “thank you” slide arrives prematurely. This movie should’ve been longer 
One more point – important instances from the book are neglected and instead of them, you find some made up plots which find no mention in the book. Like one of the DA mentioned, one character who we grew up with, who along with his twin brother was one of the most loved in Potter’s fold - Fred Weasley – a tremendous injustice was done when even his death in the last battle wasn’t shown! Sob sob.
Many more points as such, but no use cribbing. Like in JK Rowling’s own words, “The stories we love best do live in us forever.” 

Worst part is that it’s over. The end of the line. 
The loose ends in the movie sure gave a feeling that we can look forward to more. Go go go JKR! Get to work :p 
Blasphemy though it might be considered, the bunch I hung out with surely ensured that the rest of the evening was much better than the movie! Thankfully no hangovers after the grand finale… 

Needless to say, long live Pottermania.
And long live Potter-maniacs ;)

I’m off to explore the wilderness in Maharashtra for the next 2 days *rubbing hands in glee*
Happy weekend folks! Make the most of it :)

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