kc The drudgeries of life: Pune trip! The drudgeries of life: Pune trip!

The drudgeries of life

Monday, July 18, 2011

Pune trip!

Late night. Bus journey. Pune, alright! Weekend getaway.
Final destination. Pune station. Baner, Balewadi. PMC. Rush of memories J
Reunions. Nostalgia. Rejuvenated at once. Bakar mania.
Hinjewadi. Infy. Awe-inspiring campus. Same old rumpus.
Surprise rendezvous. FC3. Blogworld’s who’s who! Fun spree. Icecream treat too :p
Tipsy. ECC. Gym. Back to square one!
Drizzle. Bike rides. Sans the daily tussle. Bloodshot eyes.
Birthday boy. Party, ahoy! CopaCabana. Going bananas!
Cocktail fest. Awesome music. Sanity put to test. Timer-mode pics.
Dead of the night. Friend’s flight. Sky Garage. Hookah smoke barrage.
Laughing. Conversations. Sighing. Repetitions.
Ungodly hours. Sleepy spars. Nightout. Totally kaput! :s

Early morn. Passenger train. Didn’t take long! Mumbaiii again.
Door-side seat. Munchies to eat. Click click click. A few with my clique!
CST. Vada pav in dhabha. BEST. Colaba.
Leopold. Fantastic aura, as I was told! Lots of chow. Pitchers in tow.
Birthday girl. Gang’s surprises. Storm after the lull. Need for more action arises!
Heavy rains. Unchartered terrains. Colorful umbrellas. Happy-go-lucky fellas. :D
Marine drive. Romantic sight! Camera comes alive. Absolut delight.
Photography. Choerography. Long walks, along those weird shaped rocks.
Natural ice cream treat. Churchgate. Via Jai Hind street. Slow local at 15:48.
Dadar. Despite the bombings, all in order! Shivneri. End of the Mumbai reverie…
40 winks. Tired & haggard. “Enough for the day”, everyone thinks. Off at Wakad.
A burst of energy! Auto to Hinjewadi. St. Laurn’s. Another awesome evening dawns!
Plans & vacillations. Concrete decisions. Food & pints unlimited. Nightout reloaded.

Break of dawn Getting up with a whine. Yawn after yawn. Bah! Rise & shine.
Time to depart. Slow start. Raining cats & dogs. Everywhere slush & bogs. K
Superb pace. Songs in full volume. Sceneries that amaze! End of our sleepy gloom.
Empty tummy demands repast! Yummy breakfast. Piping hot tea. Off to Panchgani.
To Mother Nature, obeisance! Rejuvenated. Return to innocence. Masti unlimited!
Last stop: Mahabaleshwar. Another “been there, done that” chapter!
Crazy showers. Horse ride & treks. Wading through mud & rivers. Rain-defying clicks!
Heading home. Comments, retorts & pranks some. Déjà vu. “Sad it’s over, are you?”
Dusk. Another ending yet hanging on. Tsk tsk. Back to square one.

Quite the perfect weekend \m/

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Nice experience you have shared here, through this post.Very valuable and informational stuff about your Pune trip. Thanks and keep sharing such valuable updates through your side.

10/29/2013 4:48 PM  

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