kc The drudgeries of life: The fantastic year that was :) The drudgeries of life: The fantastic year that was :)

The drudgeries of life

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The fantastic year that was :)

When surviving (forget living) 2010, I had wished for something exactly the opposite of the dreaded time I was experiencing - I had sincerely wished for the year to end in a jiffy and for a brand new one to start!
Guess Someone up there heard my plea and answered my wish :)
2011 for me, right from Day 1 was a fresh start. 
Quite a lot happened this year: right from the call which I had been waiting for since ages; the conversion of the offer; the bike trips to Neemrana, Shimla, and Nainital early in the year; the brilliance in taking leave from somewhere I didn't belong on a nice note; switched over to a place where I belong to; attending numerous marriages and engagements of friends; the relentless travel all round the year (by jove, I covered 16 states and UTs in all); met someone who is here to stay in my life for aeons to come and with whom I've lived lifetimes in such a short span of time; visited home so many times and spent quality time with my parents and sister each time <3, the last trip during Christmas being extra special with a new member joining the family :)
Anything and everything that happened in 2011 made the 365 days endearing to me. 
And right now I'm going to miss it badly... only the assurance of 2012 turning out to be even better than its predecessor gives me confidence to let go of 2011 on a happy note!
What better way to bid goodbye to the year and welcome the new one than with family and close friends (thought I'd miss the former this time round, the time spent with them is still fresh in my memory :))

Hope everyone has a fantastic ending to 2011 and gets to welcome 2012 with arms wide open.
Happy 2012, people! 
Farewell 2011! 

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posted by Smartalec at 9:21 PM
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Yes, Appi, 2011 has been a very good year . Yes, I did have some ups and downs , more ups than downs. But the downs also made me realise theat everything happens for the Best (as I always keep saying). It made me realise the value of my husband and my children. You all hae been so patient and caring and understanding when I was down. I hope I have left all that behind me and will try to be my old (young) happy, cheerful self.

I am sure that 2012 will be a good year and I know and pray and hope that you get all the things you deserve and much more. I know God and your guardian angel(Nana) is taking care of you and will not let any harm come to you.

A very very Happy 2012 honey. Love you loads


1/02/2012 3:52 PM  

I absolutely loved 2011! And I'm constantly touching wood (you and some one else is to blame for this habit!) that 2012 will be at least half as good as the past year! So many new things(and a person or two :)) I came to love, so many new things I came to know about, so many knew things I learnt about myself, so many memories to cherish, so many moments that I can't let go of...what a year! Time seems to be flying so fast these days...I didn't feel this way when I was a kid. At that time I used to feel that it took ages and ages for a new year to start :)

Anyway, I loved the post...I'm glad you're writing again :) (that's another thing that ended and restarted in 2011) and I know you'll have the bestest year ever! :)) Happy New Year! :)
Love you, pagal :*

1/03/2012 11:55 PM  

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