kc The drudgeries of life: Things taking shape... The drudgeries of life: Things taking shape...

The drudgeries of life

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things taking shape...

Realization: Life is like that shapeless lump of clay on a potter's wheel... it needs to be shaped constantly by the very person to whom it belongs. A little lag here or some slack there, and voila! It mutates back to its original lifeless form.

When I look back at the past year, I get the feeling that I had slowly by slowly allowed my life to slip out of my hands. Some potter I was :|
A quick reflection, a speedy then-and-now analysis, and I can pat myself on the back for gaining a foothold on life before it slipped into an abyss of shapelessness, an unfortunate eventuality had I continued the way I was going...
Things are back on track now, and gaining momentum. A few more things need to fall into place, and then everything'll be better than where I left it a couple of years ago :)

Also, a paranoia about suffering from a permanent case of writers block had been hounding me of late. Resuming blogging courtesy InfyBlogs dispelled that notion. Phew.

2 more days before another new start. New house, hopefully new project et al.
Will miss the little angel who has come to become the center of my life in the last week - my roommate Anshul's neice, Parii. Love that kid!

That's it for now. Time to hit the sack (and hit the gym early in the morning... ahem!)
More later...

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